Dr. Aminta Breaux

Dr. Aminta Breaux, recently introduced as the 10th President of Bowie State University.

Dr. Aminta Breaux, 10th President of Bowie State University (Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/www.choicephotography.com)

Dr. Aminta Breaux, 10th President of Bowie State University (Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/www.choicephotography.com)

Cody and Josh

Cody and Josh recently celebrated their nuptials with their closest family and friends in a small, intimate ceremony on the National Mall.

Tony's Boxing Gym Revisited -- Portraits

I have posted previously about my love of shooting boxers and the discovery of Tony's Boxing Gym, located in the Trinidad neighborhood of Washington, D.C. On my first visit, I focused on the training, conditioning and sparring. On this recent visit, it was mainly portraits. Amongst these athletes, whose ages range from 8 to 28 years old, are elementary and high school students, a college senior, former football player and at least one aspiring professional.

Homeless for The Holidays

This is the time of year when most of us are making last minute preparations to gather with friends and family to fellowship, exchange gifts, laughter, love and cheer. So much of the time has been spent taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts to get the best deals on creature comforts that in most cases are not necessities, but indulgences.

December 21 was National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. In 2016, in Washington, D.C. alone, 46 persons, ranging in age from 32 to 71 years old died homeless, without dignity, in the long shadow of The United States Capitol and White House. As part of the remembrance, several advocacy groups organized events which included an overnight “Save a Life’ vigil at Freedom Plaza, outreach of clothing and food to those on the streets, and action at the Wilson Building urging Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C. Council Members to pass legislation for more funds to assist citizens without permanent housing in The District. Homeless persons and their supporters, including the interfaith community, marched through downtown with a wooden casket and placards with the names of those who passed this year. There was a Memorial held at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church that included a solemn roll call of the deceased.

Please, as we feast, laugh and pray with our loved ones, let us take at least one moment to help someone that lives in our community without a permanent home and empty stomach.

Tony's Boxing Gym


I love shooting boxers and boxing. Recently I visited Tony’s Boxing Gym, located in the Trinidad section of Washington, D.C. On this particular evening, there were about 8 about athletes training, most of them preparing for a tournament on that upcoming Saturday in Waldorf, Maryland. I met Justin and Adam, ages 9 and 10 respectively, as well as newly-turned professional Marcus Bates, 22 years old and currently undefeated as a featherweight. I was most intrigued with the one young lady who was training. Her name is Taloni, a 17 year old high school senior. She told me that she had always wanted to box but her mother was understandably afraid for her daughter’s safety. After much persistence, her mother relented approximately one year ago. The loudest punch I heard that night was a powerful body blow that Taloni delivered to her male teenage sparring partner. The impact was so strong that timeout was called as it took the young man several moments to recover and regain his composure.


The atmosphere at Tony’s is energetic, fast-paced and serious. There is constant movement and loud chatter as the seasoned old-school coaches shout out instructions on proper technique, footwork, breathing and exhorting them to be decisive and precise when releasing punches. In the background, there is the din of other athletes on the speed and heavy bags, jumping rope, shadow boxing and getting individual attention from other trainers.