Lt. Joe Kenda and Spike Lee

When will you ever see these two names in the same sentence? Within a 48 hour period last week I had the opportunity to work with both of them.

First, it was Joe. I was the still photographer while he was shooting a series of promos for his show "Homicide Hunter" on Investigation Discovery Network. I am a fan of the show, by the way, and throughout the day we had a few conversations about his experience as a homicide detective and how he became the star of one of the highest rated programs on ID. He is very open, natural, engaging and funny and shared some great stories. During a break, while crew was shooting B-roll, I asked him if he wouldn't mind posing for me personally.

Choice Photography-Lt. Joe Kenda-01-2.jpg

Two days later, I had a 6:30am call time (ouch!) as on set photographer at a television studio near Capitol Hill, where film director Spike Lee discussed his upcoming film, "Chi-Raq" and diversity in Hollywood with TV One's News One Now host and managing editor Roland S. Martin. Post interview, we had a fun Brooklyn/Bronx moment where Spike crossed his forearms and bellowed "BX in the house"! Very cool.