Halloween in Columbia Heights

I am really fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph a wide range of assignments and people, including some of the highest ranking figures in politics, government and entertainment. While I am incredibly thankful and appreciative of those great opportunities and the access, the assignments that I get most personal satisfaction from are shooting portraits of people who do not have such lofty positions in our society; like those struggling with poverty, homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse and released convicted felons struggling to acclimate back into the mainstream.

Last weekend, I was asked to shoot a Halloween Party at Columbia Heights Village Apartments in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, D.C. This is a subsidized housing development, with the majority of its residents receiving some form of financial assistance from government. Like so many American cities, the pace of gentrification is rapid in D.C.  and many low income citizens are being displaced. This gallery shows some of the faces of the city who are not lobbyists, elected or appointed officials, entrepreneurs, real estate developers or attorneys. These are a few faces of those who are so often overlooked and ignored.