Dr. Raymond Tu, Chairman of Radiology, United Medical Center

I met Dr. Tu back in March when I first began working with the not-for-profit hospital corporation, United Medical Center (UMC) for new materials for web, marketing, public relations and advertising. You never know what to expect when meeting a new subject for the first time, especially someone as accomplished and respected as Dr. Tu, internationally recognized as a leader in his field. So often a photographer has fewer than 5 minutes for a session with persons as busy as Dr. Tu. In many cases, the last thing they want is to take time out of their calendar because marketing wants them to. Too often the subject is anxious to get to meeting, a conference call, email--basically do anything but deal with a photographer. After all, "why can't we just use the same photo that we have been using all these years?"

Dr. Tu could not be more fun to work with. He is ready and eager and comes with a great sense of humor. He is one of the funniest people I have met in a very long time. He is a very serious person and yet he doesn't take himself too seriously. The warmth and positive energy of his personality fills the room. We have shot 3 times now and in each session we laugh so much that I have to remind him we must refocus because he has to get back to running his department and I have a full schedule of other physicians, administrators and departments that need to be shot.

Here are a few frames from our last shoot. Dr. Tu, the happiest and funniest radiologist in the world!